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“I love this movement to attract people to local businesses. I think it’s important to help the local communities first over the larger corporate companies! “ – Joelle

“Regina is such a Great city it deserves to seen,known,heard about,respected and honored by the world for it’s contributions to our country and the world. If they only knew! Our growth is one way…possibly the only way they will! Let’s get and keep our city on the map! Did you know SaskPower has created “a commercial size carbon capture and storage plant” – Capturing Carbon and the World’s Attention – SaskPower also Clean Coal, Green Oil: How Saskpower is greenwashing Carbon … How about SaskTel – SaskTel International | ‘Connecting the World’ SaskTel International offers software solutions and project consulting in countries around the world. How about Regina & Sask community support – K+S Potash Canada is proud to support the communities in which we live and work and helping to feed the world – Growing Saskatchewan – Feeding the World. These are just a few examples, you research the rest! Be Proud and let’s keep growing so the rest of the country and the world “SEE US” “ – Bambi

“Keeping jobs in the community and growing capacity is all areas is key to keeping Regina growing!! Long term gain.” – Jennifer

“Regina needs to grow to attract young families which translates into older folks ( grandparents) living close by. I have lived in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Calgary and I love Regina best of all!” – Barb

“My husband and I have a one year old daughter and plan on having other children and raising them in Regina. Growth in Regina is important as it creates more opportunities. Those opportunities include more available jobs! More growth also means more businesses and new stores in Regina. “ – Erin

“Innovation, culture and community are all driven by growth and required for a healthy economy and city.” – Brad

“This is the city I was born and raised in, my whole family lives here and this is our home! I am so happy to see the Revitalization initiative happening in downtown Regina and I can’t wait for more green spaces! “ – Brittany

“Regina has the friendliest people and we are all willing to help anyone in need and we have the best fun in everything we do” – Beverley

“It’s the greatest little big city in the west!! From the parks to the local shopping, we need Regina to keep growing so that our future generations are proud of the place we call home. “ – Darla

“Regina is becoming a hot bed of business and leisure travelers and activities. I want to see Regina continue to grow and become the Capital City we are meant to be. “ – Joel